Health Media Connection

How It Works


Our Nationally advertised TV commercial helps individuals struggling with prescription costs get information on how to  qualify to receive FREE Prescriptions.

We also provide immediate relief through a FREE discount prescription card. Just for calling every caller receives the benefits offered by this card.

After we have collected the necessary information to supply the card, we then proceed to offer the callers the opportunity for assistance in
Medicare covered areas such as: Diabetes, Mobility, Sleep Apnea, COPD, Arthritis and Back Brace and many more.

We receive thousands of calls per week and match these callers to appropriate DME’s based on the criteria the caller has given us through our extensive IVR platform. Every caller gives specific permission to be contacted back by the Medicare Provider that can best assist them. All calls are recorded. Each Medicare Product has a similar path like the Diabetic example below allowing us to provide your DME the highest quality TV lead for your specific product.

Calls are sent as live transfers or posted in real time to the DME that can best assist the caller based on the path they chose on our IVR.

Competitive Bidding areas will not be sent or billed.

You will only receive Medicare qualified leads.

                                                             Questions Asked In The IVR Path For Diabetes

  • Are you on Medicare?
  • Would you like information about diabetes for yourself or a loved one?
  • Do you or the person who has diabetes in your household test their blood sugar daily with a glucose meter?
  • Do you use the red, white and blue Medicare card for doctor visits?
  • OPT IN - Since you are on Medicare and answered yes to information about diabetes a Medicare participating provider may contact you by telephone about your diabetes supplies. This call may help you better cover your diabetic supplies and prescriptions and offer you the chance to learn about special offer  and benefits available to you. Is this okay? 

                                                                      GREAT PRICING FOR TV LEADS

Health Media Connection’s media buying expertise allows us to maintain quality in the leads and meet quantity expectations without sacrificing the quality of media. Your success is our success!! Our Pay Per Call or Pay Per Lead platform is a great opportunity for DME’s looking for  a great CPA , CPL and ROI without the risk of doing a commercial and buying the media. Pay Per Lead!! Whether you are looking for  50 leads  per day or 500 per day we can help.

Contact Health Media Connection at 1-800-557-9068 for more information and pricing.